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Superjail – Pilot Episode

My favorite part of working on the pilot for Superjail was when Christy took my suggestion that the dead monkey should have broken glass stuck in it after bouncing off a table-full of broken glass.


A Happy Day – Vol.1

These are panels from the first comic book that I ever made! I was visiting some friends in San Francisco, and the APE was happening, so I stopped by the copy shop on my way there to make some comic books so that I wouldn’t be attending the show empty-handed.


The Feral Kids

In 2006, I put a pitch together about some kids who wandered off into the woods and went feral.

Robot Dance Party

I made this cartoon with my brother Fran Krause over the course of a weekend. It won an award at the ASIFA animation festival for the sound.

Blue’s Room – Miniature Props

For the show’s introduction, we needed some dollhouse-sized props for a tiny set. These props are all about 2 or 3 inches in size. It was fun to use some music wire for the guitar’s frets!


Blue’s Room – Critters

I learned to love polystyrene foam on this project. Sure, static electricity leads to annoying dust everywhere, but it is incredibly easy to sculpt to a smooth, kinda durable finish. Plus I got to use pipe cleaners & construction paper!


Blue’s Room – Drawings

When I was working on Blue’s Room, some days I’d be doing nothing but coloring pictures for twelve hours a day. The set was dressed with new drawings for episode, so many drawings were needed. Some were tacked to the walls, and others were placed into polystyrene foams. I developed a fondness for “Stabilotones” in the process – they’re like super crayons!