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2009 September

Giant Tennis Ball – U.S. Open Party

I made this giant tennis ball for a party – it had to hold 400 giant lollipops, so it had to be pretty big. I made it out of sculpted polystyrene foam with a covering of painted felt, to give it the right texture. The venue had no doors that were wide enough to accommodate the complete ball, so it needed to be assembled on-site.


Whitest Kids U’Know – Sphinx puppet

Layers of foam were used to make this puppet and give it an appearance of wind-worn stone.

Rob Thomas – “Someday” Music Video

for this “Peace Parade” video we made things like tree costumes, peace-symbol costumes, protest posters, and my bikes volunteered to be festooned with flowers. Luckily I was working with a skilled art department including Christina Aprea, Mike Pantuso, Anney Fresh, Keith Ozar, Julie, Diane Andazola, and Laura Brock.

Whitest Kids U’Know – Eiffel Tower puppet

I sewed a tiny beret for this puppet, and gave it a painted wooden dowel for a cigarette. the mouth is opened and closed by a thin wooden dowel, since the puppet is too thin for a puppeteer’s arm to fit inside.

Whitest Kids U’Know – Pyramid puppets

A pair of gossipy pyramids. Made out of latex-coated upholstery foam.