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2009 October

Silent Library – Wedgie Machine

I built this machine starting with a crane that I’d built for a different challenge. A pulley was added in the place of the crane’s arm at the top of the machine. A rocking and platform was fastened to the base of the machine (made out of some bicycle hubs and gears, and a home-made ratchet.) It worked so well that the poor contestant had to be cut down.


Silent Library – Wedgie Bike

This tandem bicycle was modified so that the rider in back would be given a wedgie when the rider in front pedaled. I welded the bike to stands so that it would stay stationary, and modified the freewheel into a pulley so that the rope would be wound up to produce a wedgie.

Whitest Kids U’Know – Great Wall of China puppet

I went to Chinatown and picked up some pyjamas from a bargain rack to get some fabric for this puppet. The head is made from foam and cardboard (with googly eyes) and the mouth is opened and closed with a piece of clotheshanger wire.


Whitest Kids U’Know – Outer-Space Handcuffs

I made these handcuffs from clear vinyl tubing, plastic beads, cable routing plastic and scraps of wire.