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2010 May

Submarine Sneaker Spheres!

I assembled these hollow acrylic spheres so that they could hold three sneakers underwater, inside a giant swimming pool. The joints needed to be carefully glued and sealed so that they wouldn’t be destroyed by the water pressure!

Sesame Street Robot Makeover

This red robot needed some modifications so that it would not look like a toy commercial when it made an appearance on Sesame Street to illustrate the word “activate.”

I disassembled the robot and removed the speaker and some random ear-popping and eyebrow-raising functions, added some details, and painted it a more generic silver color.

Frenzer Foreman Animation Forum

This week, Fran and I were interviewed for the Frenzer Foreman Animation forum. I just listened to the episode, and I was surprised to learn that Fran and I sound totally different. Nobody ever told me that we don’t have twin voices! Also, I goofed on the identity of Baby Bear’s puppeteer. Sorry, Baby Bear.

Frenzer Foreman Animation Forum