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2011 November

Brooklyn Cyclones Signage Project

I designed some signage for the Brooklyn Cyclones’ stadium on Coney Island. It was fun to do some research into the color schemes of New York baseball and Coney Island, plus I got to eat a candy apple every time I went to the stadium for a presentation!

My concept was based on a combination of the boardwalk signs filled with hundreds of lightbulbs, and the directional-looking baseball souvenir pennants.


I designed this exhibit as a pop-up marketplace to be located on the site of the demolished Thunderbolt rollercoaster on Coney Island. It takes the shape of a giant squid attacking the mainland!

Sesame Street Florist Logo

The florist’s storefront on Sesame Street needed some dressin’ up, so I made this sticker for their window, along with some stickers for non-existent credit cards.

Bread Clip Lamp

This lamp was made for a “found object” lamp project. The base is made from some oak that I found on the street, and the stem is the plastic part of a dried-out marker. I needed to get the bread clips through mail order, since I couldn’t eat so much bread!

The Heart, She Holler – Blood-Spraying Beer Cans

Well, this one was a challenge. I needed to make a pair of artificial hands shaped like beer cans. Also, the cans needed to be remotely filled with beer so that the actor could drink from them. Also, they needed to explode as if they were shot with a bullet. Also, they needed to spray fountains of blood.

I needed to cut the cans open so that I could fit a plastic tube that I could use for my pneumatic hardware. Also the finish needed to be sanded off of the cans so that new labels could be applied.

Jason Singleton helped me to rig these cans up to a couple of vegetable-sprayers (filled with alternately O’Doul’s and fake blood) and lots and lots of pneumatic hose.

The Heart, She Holler – Fake Sword

This foam sword pops out of a coffin and stabs someone! Since we couldn’t fit a whole sword in a coffin, and we couldn’t stab anyone for real, I made the sword in two halves.

The front half to pop out of the coffin (I rigged it to operate pneumatically,) and the hilt, which has a flat base to attach beneath a hole in the actor’s clothes. The blade is made out of silver-painted foam, and I was able to get a serrated effect by wiggling the razor blade as I cut. The hilt was made out of a goofy old gold lame’ belt, which I brushed with a light coat of brown acrylic paint.

The Heart, She Holler – Magical Walnut

I made this magically-opening walnut for the Adult Swim mini-series “The Heart, She Holler.” It works in a way that is similar to the old springy toy animals made out of beads that droop when you press on their plastic base.

For my version, I made a new base out of plastic tube, springs, and washers. Next I carefully cut a walnut into quarters and made tiny wire hinges so that it would flop open when the spring was discreetly pressed. It is almost impossible to get the meat out of a walnut without breaking it, so I needed to epoxy mine back together!

Funnel Cake Exhibit!

Hello everyone!

I’ve been studying since this summer at F.I.T. in New York in the Exhibition design graduate program. Our first project was to design an exhibit centered around our favorite food. …I don’t really have a favorite, so I chose Funnel Cake – that sloppy mess of fried dough and confectioner’s sugar that is served at fairs and amusement parks in the summertime.

My design features doughy walls, a funnel-shaped slide that lands in fake sizzling oil, and walls that need to be ripped apart (just like a funnel cake needs to be ripped apart!)

I’m posting my presentation pages. Sorry if this is more funnel cake than you can handle!