Art Supplies – Sesame Street Season 43

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One of the main concentrations of this past season at Sesame Street was Art, so I had quite a bit of art supplies to create!


Grouchy Art Supplies

Oscar the Grouch wanted to paint himself a big gloppy painting, so I made some fake paint squeeze bottles for Oscar and the other puppets – they can’t get their fur near any real paint. I also made a great big pile of icky paint out of some upholstery foam and latex.


Marker Package Design

I made a package of smiley markers too:


Collage Art

…and Baby Bear wanted to make art …out of porridge. I dyed some oatmeal with different colors, and Pete Ortiz and I carefully glopped colorful oatmeal goop onto our canvasses to make images for the show – the images made from wet oatmeal were meant to slide off of the canvasses on camera, so I don’t have any photos of those, but I do have some pictures of the images I made from a variety of dried seeds (I needed to wash the wasabi off of some wasabi peas since I couldn’t find any dried green peas!

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