Candy Television

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At first I tried making this breakaway glass TV screen out of expensive plastic casting materials, but to keep things within our budget I switched to a sugar-glass recipe.

I made a silicone rubber mold of the actual TV screen, so that the mold could be carefully flexed away from the screen without cracking. The super-hot melted sugar and corn syrup mixture was poured into the mold and spread evenly onto the form until it cooled.

The best benefit of candy glass over plastic breakaway glass was that instead of needing to wear a respirator, I could eat the casting material! Also, I was surprised that the candy glass could be carefully sanded and painted… though it did deform over time, so it needed to be used within a day or two.

Jason Singleton built the pneumatic punching mechanism, and Dario Gimenez modified the TV’s wooden cabinet.

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