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MKG Productions

Whiskey Bar

Over the weekend, I made this bar for MKG Productions. It uses a few old whiskey barrels and some 1×3 lumber stained to match. The barrels still had some whiskey sludge inside them (As you can see from the last photo!)

Rocky Pedestals for DeBeers

I made these pedestals for a display of new jewelry at DeBeers.  The rocks are made from polystyrene foam, and coated with concrete (for the rough rocks) and foamcoat (for the smooth rocks.) I had help from Andrew Bunch and Tom Smolenski with sculpting and finishing the 50 artificial rocks that went into the display.

Giant Cloud, Giant Lightning

I made a giant (12′ across!) cloud and lightning bolt for the Kikkerland booth at the ICFF this year.

The components were made out of several sheets of blue foam sandwiched together, with an MDF and solid wood backing for support. I put together a homemade hot-wire cutter to shape the foam, along with my regular arsenal of saws and surform tools.

Submarine Sneaker Spheres!

I assembled these hollow acrylic spheres so that they could hold three sneakers underwater, inside a giant swimming pool. The joints needed to be carefully glued and sealed so that they wouldn’t be destroyed by the water pressure!

Giant Tennis Ball – U.S. Open Party

I made this giant tennis ball for a party – it had to hold 400 giant lollipops, so it had to be pretty big. I made it out of sculpted polystyrene foam with a covering of painted felt, to give it the right texture. The venue had no doors that were wide enough to accommodate the complete ball, so it needed to be assembled on-site.