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Woodgrain Sofa

I made this sofa in my spare time when I was teaching at Parsons and assisting students in the Furniture Design Shop. I made it the right size so that I can lay down on it without turning my neck to the side. Also, there is a hole in the back so that your arm won’t fall asleep when you take a nap. And the arms are tall, so that you can lean back on them when you read a book.

I printed the fabric myself, using a large sandblasted piece of pine as a printing block.

Bent Plywood Chair

I did some ergonomic research before I started this chair, so it actually ended up being pretty comfortable. The seat and back are made out of bent plywood, and the frame is ash with wedged through-tenon joints.


RTA Nightstand

This nightstand is assembled with RTA fasteners so that it can be disassembled for shipping.


This footstool was made with some rolled expanded metal lashed to a square-stock steel frame (which gave the seat some springiness.)