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Blue’s Room

Blue’s Room – Miniature Props

For the show’s introduction, we needed some dollhouse-sized props for a tiny set. These props are all about 2 or 3 inches in size. It was fun to use some music wire for the guitar’s frets!


Blue’s Room – Critters

I learned to love polystyrene foam on this project. Sure, static electricity leads to annoying dust everywhere, but it is incredibly easy to sculpt to a smooth, kinda durable finish. Plus I got to use pipe cleaners & construction paper!


Blue’s Room – Drawings

When I was working on Blue’s Room, some days I’d be doing nothing but coloring pictures for twelve hours a day. The set was dressed with new drawings for episode, so many drawings were needed. Some were tacked to the walls, and others were placed into polystyrene foams. I developed a fondness for “Stabilotones” in the process – they’re like super crayons!


Blue’s Room – Paintbrush

My first professional propmaking assignment was the design and construction of a six-foot-tall artist’s paintbrush. It was constructed around a broomstick for strength, with a covering of polystyrene foam and aqua resin. The brush’s tip is covered with strands of yarn of slightly different colors.