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Whitest Kids U’Know

Stork Puppet

I made this stork puppet for the recent season of Whitest Kids U’Know. It needed to be used as both a sock puppet when the head peeked through a window, and as a full-size flying puppet. The head is removable to serve as a sock puppet, and it fits back onto the body when the full bird needs to be used.

The framework of the stork is foam, wire, and corrugated cardboard, and the covering is a rough, stretchy wool-like material and lots of real feathers.

Whitest Kids U’Know – Great Wall of China puppet

I went to Chinatown and picked up some pyjamas from a bargain rack to get some fabric for this puppet. The head is made from foam and cardboard (with googly eyes) and the mouth is opened and closed with a piece of clotheshanger wire.


Whitest Kids U’Know – Outer-Space Handcuffs

I made these handcuffs from clear vinyl tubing, plastic beads, cable routing plastic and scraps of wire.

Whitest Kids U’Know – Sphinx puppet

Layers of foam were used to make this puppet and give it an appearance of wind-worn stone.

Whitest Kids U’Know – Eiffel Tower puppet

I sewed a tiny beret for this puppet, and gave it a painted wooden dowel for a cigarette. the mouth is opened and closed by a thin wooden dowel, since the puppet is too thin for a puppeteer’s arm to fit inside.

Whitest Kids U’Know – Pyramid puppets

A pair of gossipy pyramids. Made out of latex-coated upholstery foam.


Whitest Kids U’Know – Landmines

I made these landmines out of foamcore, velcro, and plumbing components.

Whitest Kids U’Know – Killer Robot’s Chest

This light-up chest was used by a killer robot, on the prowl for human organs. I made an identical door so that one could be attached to the actor’s costume (so that with the magic of editing, he could have a hollow chest.)

Whitest Kids U’Know – Ninja Stars

I made these ninja stars out of foam so that they wouldn’t hurt anyone. They’re weighted in the middle so that they could actually fly through the air.

Whitest Kids U’Know – Deep Fried Kitten

For some reason, everyone wanted to pick up this kitten by the legs and hold it like it was a tommy gun! It was made from papier mache over an armature of wire, tape, and newspaper.