Exhibitor 2012!

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I’m in Las Vegas for the next few days to visit Exhibitor 2012 – a trade show for the museum and exhibit design industry. My website is a blog of my projects, so I added this post with some of my favorite exhibit-related projects for any interested folks from the show that visit my site.


Coney Island Disaster!
I designed this event to appear to be a giant squid crashing towards the Coney Island Boardwalk. It needed to be bold to compete with the ferris wheel, roller coaster, and sideshow.

Funnel Cake Exhibit
This exhibit was designed to give visitors a sense of what funnel cake was like, without serving any funnel cake on premises. (funnel cake is a fun, messy, twisty pile of dough and sugar.)

Bread Clip Lamp
I made this lamp for a project at FIT. The shade is built up of hundreds of clips from bread bags, with the arrangement designed to give a bit of a gradient from the top to bottom of the shade. I really like the shadows that the lamp creates!

Puppet Stage for Miss Piggy
This stage was made for an event featuring an appearance by Miss Piggy. It was constructed to knock-down quickly so that the setup could be very fast.

Balancing Rock Pedestals for DeBeers
I made these pedestals out from faux rocks I carved from foam. They are connected by steel rods, which give them the appearance of a balancing act.

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