Googleween – Spaceship fabric structure for DPEM

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DPEM in San Francisco hired me to design and build this 30′ fabric structure for a Halloween party that went on last week at Google. The Flying saucer was required as a location for an space-alien-themed “haunted house.”



I started with some sketches to make sure that DPEM and I were on the same page for the basic layout and appearance of the tent.


Sketchy Renderings

After receiving feedback, I created some more finished images with Sketchup and Photoshop to better describe the Flying Saucer to DPEM and Google.



Then I used Vectorworks and Illustrator to start working out construction details of the structure so that I would know how it would be built, and the materials that I needed to gather.


Construction Planning

I used the measurements from my drafts and 3D modeling to figure out some patterns for the fabric covering (Commando Cloth inner layer to block the light with a shiny silver Tulle Tex outer layer. The dome is a blue Tendo fabric.)


Site Setup

Along with invaluable help from Gabriel Colaluca, it took me until almost 2am to finish setting up the flying saucer on the Google campus.



…and here is the finished product! A 30′ flying saucer, with sod added around the edge to make it appear as if it had crashed to earth. I also created the “Area 51” banner.

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