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This July 10th-12th I took part in the “Museum Camp” event at the Santa Cruz MAH.

This was an event where about a dozen teams of museum professionals teamed up to create an exhibit around a seldom-displayed object in the museum’s collection – all over the course of three days. I was Teamed up with Adrienne Lalli Hills & Elizabeth Spavento, and we were assigned the sceptre from the Miss California Pageant, which was staged in Santa Cruz until 1985.

We learned quite a bit about the history of the pageant in the short amount of time that we had for research, and then assembled a prototype of out exhibit to test with input from some of the other Museum Campers.


Prototype Testing

Afterward, we worked late into the night and refined the exhibit, then assembled the final version over the next day – it was nice to work on a project that went from beginning to end so quickly!


Finished Exhibit

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