Once I was a Godzilla, and I breathed fire on healthcare.

Posted: 14 March, 2010-Likes: 0-Comments: 1-Categories: Propmaking, Godzilla puppet-Tags: Props, willkrause, critters

For this video, I designed, constructed and puppeted the Godzilla-style creature. (there are some shots of the process of building the puppet over here) I also made a few of the props for the city and helped to dress the set.

I worked with Ryan McFaul (director, camera, props, set) and Katie Akana (props, set, moving vehicles and things around with magnets) It was so much fun to smash things with them, even though I spent the better part of two days crammed under a table with one arm reached as high as I could manage, surrounded by the output of a sweet-smelling fog machine.

We even managed to make Godzilla breathe fire! (kids at home: the secret is an aerosol can of WD-40 and a lighter.)


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  • jean c. - 15 March, 2010 -

    I love the use of the different styles of toy figures all together in one world… totally how my brothers & I played as kids. and the tv news video style is awesome! nice monster!

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