FIT – Fermilab Visitor Center

For my thesis project at FIT, I designed a visitor center for the Fermilab National Accelerator Laboratory.

When I started this project, Fermilab had recently decommissioned their Tevatron experiment and they were considering opening the giant ring accelerator to tours, which would help to show the importance of particle physics to the general public. My project was divided the exhibit into three segments:

Fermilab’s Future: answering questions about why particle physics is studied by showing applications in medical imaging, aeronautics, communication, data storage, etc.

Frontier Introduction: a brief intro that gives visitors a sense of the minute scale of the particles and forces that are being studied, and an explanation of the three different frontiers of study (Energy, Intensity, Cosmic.)

Physics Frontiers: presenting interactive examples of Fermilab’s experiments – showing how teamwork is involved in making new discoveries in particle physics.