Instructor Asset Library – Cengage Learning

In my spare time, I like to create comics – it’s fun to put those skills to use in creating effective storyboards!

I like to start a project with sketching on paper – like a storyboard to help get the team on the same page with the problem we’re trying to solve, or some sketchy wireframes. I did a little bit of both for this project to create a library of materials that instructors could choose to include with their online courses.

For this project, I created some sketchy-looking, yet detailed wireframes too – I found that the sketchy appearance would get the more unfiltered comments during instructor interviews!

This colorful flowchart also helped to tell the story of the steps involved in adding content to an instructor’s online class.

I used Axure to create a clickable prototype which responded to out test subject’s clicks so that they could actually try out the process of choosing new material to add to their lessons.