Psychologist’s Apprentice – Cengage Learning

For My first project at Cengage Learning, I was introduced to a project that was just about to be sent to a team of off-site developers – in the form of a Powerpoint file put together by the Project Manager.

The concept was great – a case-study application for students, although the Powerpoint had navigation that would change from screen to screen, and style elements like bright red text on a bright green background. I quickly sketched out wireframes to keep the basic layout consistent and logical – so the student wouldn’t feel lost.

I enjoy roughing an idea out with pen and paper (or pencil and post-it notes!)

I provided notes to the developers working remotely – annotated screens worked very well to get the ideas across!

The variety involved in this project was a blast – while designing a system that could display images, forms, video, and sound clips, I was also able to create many of the images that were used (a chance to break out the crayons!)