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Posted: 25 August, 2010-Likes: 0-Comments: 7-Categories: Illustration, The Showalter Showalter-Tags: Props, drawings, photoshop

I made these posters to appear in Michael Showalter’s pilot for a new television series. They needed to appear to be designed at different times, and by different people – and the photos cleared for use were mostly pictures of animals, and photos of someone’s vacation. I had fun thinking up names for non-existent programs, and corny jokes to hide in the posters.

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Comments (7)
  • Fran Krause - 26 August, 2010 -

    These are great! Is there anywhere to see the pilot?

  • Will Krause - 26 August, 2010 -

    I don’t know – pilots aren’t always officially released!

  • Fran Krause - 26 August, 2010 -

    True. Also, I like the site re-design.

  • stephen - 26 August, 2010 -

    these are quite pleasing. I could look at about 8O more.

  • Dave S - 26 August, 2010 -

    4,999,999 handclaps! I was a damaged toddler, so typically, I can’t stop clapping once I’ve started.

  • jake armstorng - 31 August, 2010 -

    “ain’t talking bout bark!” had me rolling. these are classic dude.

  • marina - 26 September, 2010 -

    i second jake. HahaX234566770000 !

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