Sesame Street – Hip-Hop Penguin CD cover

Posted: 20 September, 2010-Likes: 0-Comments: 6-Categories: Sesame Street, Propmaking-Tags: Props, sesame street, photoshop

I had fun designing this CD cover for a pair of Hip-Hop Penguins… there are a whole mess of Photoshop filters that I don’t ordinarily get a chance to play with, so it was a blast to go berserk with lens flares.

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Comments (6)
  • Fran Krause - 21 September, 2010 -

    I like the pile of ice!

  • :: smo :: - 21 September, 2010 -

    haha yeah! that ice is amazing! IT’S A METAPHOR FOR ITSELF!!!

  • Rizla - 21 September, 2010 -

    I wanna see Misa Piggy as Lil’ Kim!!!!

  • (Author) willkrause - 21 September, 2010 -

    I like the ice too, but the star-shooting snowmobiles were my favorite thing to make.

  • LindaJBeck - 21 September, 2010 -

    Awesome. Glad you’re making Photoshop put in a full workday. I feel like so often it’s half asleep at the job.

  • Jesse Schmal - 27 September, 2010 -

    Chillin’! These are ice-cold rad, yo!

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