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Posted: 26 January, 2010-Likes: 0-Comments: 6-Categories: Sundance - Mondays, Animation-Tags: Props, willkrause, drawings

Here’s the finished project for which I made all of those cardboard props! Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata helped take the pixellated photos of the props and costumes, and even helped out by wearing them. When I brought everything into After Effects, I had to scale Max and Ru horizontally to make them chubby enough for animation!

The rain was made by gluing construction paper raindrops to some string, and cycling through three different strands of drops (purple, light blue, and dark blue.

And here’s what those things look like when they’re moving:


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Comments (6)
  • Mike Rauch - 26 January, 2010 -

    Nice colors!

  • :: smo :: - 26 January, 2010 -

    awesome!!! i love the way you integrate all this different stuff together it works really well!

  • pantuso - 26 January, 2010 -

    totally cool and bizarre little animation there will!

  • Fran Krause - 26 January, 2010 -

    That looks great! I like all the purple people, and that camera move at the end!

  • Fran Krause - 26 January, 2010 -

    Also, it’s a good thing you used pixelation.

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