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Brooklyn Cyclones Signage Project

Posted: 28 November, 2011-Likes: 0-Comments: 0-Categories: Museum/Exhibit Design, FIT Exhibit Graduate Program-Tags: drawings, drawing, graphics

I designed some signage for the Brooklyn Cyclones' stadium on Coney Island. It was fun to do some research into the color schemes of New York baseball and Coney Island, plus I got to eat a candy apple every time I went to the stadium for a presentation! My concept was based on a combination [...]

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Sesame Street Florist Logo

Posted: 21 November, 2011-Likes: 0-Comments: 0-Categories: Sesame Street, Propmaking-Tags: Props, sesame street, sesame

The florist's storefront on Sesame Street needed some dressin' up, so I made this sticker for their window, along with some stickers for non-existent credit cards.

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Sesame Street – iPad Drawings

Posted: 13 October, 2011-Likes: 0-Comments: 0-Categories: Sesame Street, Sesame Street, Propmaking-Tags: sesame street, sesame, drawings

I drew these pictures for Sesame Street - Prince Charming and a Princess involved in their day-to-day activities. It appeared in an episode where an apple ipad was used for the the first time on the show.

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FakeHeads Anthology is all printed up and ready to go!

Posted: 18 February, 2010-Likes: 0-Comments: 0-Categories: Comics, Fakeheads Anthology-Tags: Comics, fakeheads, drawing

The FakeHeads Anthology has been published, and it includes a few comics I drew. ...more true stories. If you would like to read a copy and can't wait until the MOCCA Festival, you can go over here: http://www.lulu.com/content/paperback-book/fakeheads-anthology-vol1/7991756 The FakeHeads are a loose-knit unit of animators and illustrators who live and draw in New York [...]

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Godzilla-like puppet Must Destroy Healthcare!

Posted: 5 February, 2010-Likes: 0-Comments: 1-Categories: Propmaking, Godzilla puppet-Tags: Props, willkrause, critters

I made this puppet for a health-care advocacy group. In a short video, the puppet will wreck hospitals, clinics, and maybe even get to eat some ambulances and doctors. I'll be doing the puppeteering today, so I'll post a link as soon as it is available. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that fire will be [...]

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