The Heart, She Holler – David Cross ate my hand

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Edible cold-cut hand

I made lots of body parts of all sorts for the second season of The Heart, She Holler, but the biggest challenge was making an edible hand that David Cross’s character needed to run through a deli-slicer – and then eat the slices.

I started by fashioning a plastic cap that would serve as the attachment point for a gelatine hand, and also as a protective shield to keep the actor’s real hand far away from the rotating blade of the deli slicer. I used my hand to make a mold, and then the hand was cast in reddish gelatine with chunks of grapefruit mixed in to make it look a bit more meaty. This hand was then dipped in skin-colored gelatine to create a layer that looked like the actor’s skin.

Fake eyes & Lips

I also cast silicone lips and modified some fake eyes to be attached to this  real-life cow heart:

Rotten Teeth

…and made some fake teeth look a bit more rotten:

Severed Ears

I cast molds from the side of my head out of alginate many times to make all of these fake silicone ears:

Skeleton Hand

…and one day at work, we misplaced all of our skeleton hands, so I made a foot into a hand. We found the hands before shooting started that day, but the director used the modified foot anyway.

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