True Stories of Life With Monsters

Posted: 3 January, 2010-Likes: 0-Comments: 3-Categories: Life With Monsters, Comics-Tags: willkrause, drawings, Comics

I started drawing true stories for a new comic book. The first six will be published in the new Fakeheads Anthology (with greyscales!) You can learn more about the project over here:

If you left click on the images they load up kinda tiny, but if you right-click and “Save link as” you can download a totally legible larger image.

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Comments (3)
  • Jesse Ragan - 20 January, 2010 -

    The Fakeheads link seems to be broken. How can I get my copy of the printed comic?

  • (Author) willkrause - 22 January, 2010 -

    I don’t know why the link stopped working, but I’ll see everyone else Saturday and get to the bottom of this.

  • :: smo :: - 10 February, 2010 -

    these are fantastic!

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