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2009 November

Silent Library – Kicking Machine

This machine was welded together from steel so that it would be strong enough to kick the contestants in the rear, though I added some springs and flexible vinyl tubing so that it wouldn’t shatter any spines.

Silent Library – Indian Burn Machine

This machine uses shortened bicycle inner tubes to grab a contestant’s arm in three places. The clear plastic tube is also in three pieces, and the center piece can rotate to give an indian burn effect. Becky Holmes helped with the silver paint finish, which helped to make the machine look scarier.

Silent Library – Noogie Machine

I cast my hands in silicone rubber with a wooden dowel inside each knuckle. The hands were attached to two drills, and I made a crane mechanism that would lower the fists slowly towards the contestant’s head. It made a girl cry! (not because it hurt her, but rather because it mussed up her hair something fierce.


Silent Library – Foosball Team

I made the steel frame and mechanism for these kicking foosball characters, along with most of the foam casting. The mechanism was a challenge since it needed to be simple to use and reset automatically with the crank turning in only one direction. Becky Holmes and Jason Singleton sculpted the positive form for the foosball characters and created the mold.


My work is on right wing television!

I made this book for Sesame Street, for when a grouch named “Spill O’Reilly” made a visit to the Bill O’Reilly show. Adding secret messages to back covers is one of the best parts about my job.

Silent Library – Rubber Hammer

This hammer needed to have a new head made out of silicone rubber, and then be painted to look like an ordinary hammer.

Silent Library – Dizzy Machine

This machine was made out of a giant turntable with a truck hub inside, and some bike parts. All of the smooth bearings make it pretty easy to turn fast enough to make a contestant barf.

Becky Holmes painted the machine with some pretty amazing paints and made the whole thing look like it was made out of corroded copper and steel instead of wood.