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FakeHeads Anthology is all printed up and ready to go!

The FakeHeads Anthology has been published, and it includes a few comics I drew. …more true stories. If you would like to read a copy and can’t wait until the MOCCA Festival, you can go over here:

The FakeHeads are a loose-knit unit of animators and illustrators who live and draw in New York City. Despite their varying choices of media and aesthetic differences, they are linked by their desire to express their shared affection for amputees, kittens, and the overall awkwardness of the human condition, and engage in storytelling in all its various forms.

With stories by:
Dan Pinto
David Sheahan
Alisa Stern
Will Krause
Isam S. Prado
Maya Edelman
Emmett Goodman
Joshuah Weisbrod
Max Salazar
Andy London
Nate Dorr
Michael Ricca
Dina Kelberman

True Stories of Life With Monsters

I started drawing true stories for a new comic book. The first six will be published in the new Fakeheads Anthology (with greyscales!) You can learn more about the project over here:

If you left click on the images they load up kinda tiny, but if you right-click and “Save link as” you can download a totally legible larger image.

Mystery Closet

This is a true story about what I found in a walled-off closet inside my bedroom when I lived at 57 Kent Avenue. I started drawing the panels on big sheets of paper, cutting out the good ones and keeping them in an envelope. I liked the little booklet format since it works well to keep each panel a surprise, so that is how I printed the comic.

I printed up the cover at the AS220 letterpress in Providence, and xeroxed the inside pages. If you would like to trade for a copy, let me know.



I made this skateboard for a show that was put on by Andrea Breitman. I enjoyed dusting off my old gouache paints for this project.

A Happy Day – Vol.2

It’s fun to make comics. …so I made another one. This time I had more than a morning to put the thing together!


Robot Factory

This comic appeared in a compilation about robots going haywire.

A Happy Day – Vol.1

These are panels from the first comic book that I ever made! I was visiting some friends in San Francisco, and the APE was happening, so I stopped by the copy shop on my way there to make some comic books so that I wouldn’t be attending the show empty-handed.