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Sesame Street – Signs for Guests

Part of our job in the Graphics Department at Sesame Street was fashioning some dressing room door signs whenever a celebrity guest would stop by – Pete Ortiz and I would take turns drawing the signs (or call dibs if someone we liked a lot was going to be on the show!)

Here is a selection of some of my favorite signs that I made over the four years I worked on the show. …along with two signs that were rejected by the powers that be – can you guess which two?

Ralph Lauren – Storyboards

Sometimes I’m called on to create classy drawings for Polo-Ralph Lauren. Here are some panels from two different storyboarding projects – one for a commercial, and the other for an instructional video about decorative painting.

Posters for The Michael Showalter Showalter

I made these posters to appear in Michael Showalter’s pilot for a new television series. They needed to appear to be designed at different times, and by different people – and the photos cleared for use were mostly pictures of animals, and photos of someone’s vacation. I had fun thinking up names for non-existent programs, and corny jokes to hide in the posters.

Logos for The Michael Showalter Showalter

These logos were created for a spoof public television program named “The Michael Showalter Showalter,” on a network named “PBT”.

I was given quite a bit of leeway – the client wanted a red logo on a white background for the program, and a brown oval for the network logo.

My new career as a male model for Ralph Lauren

I went on a tour of the Ralph Lauren office when I was working with them on an illustration project, and we met an employee in the hallway. They asked me if I could draw pants, I replied “Yes,” and that’s how these drawings came about.

I made these illustrations from reference photos – I was given a stack of clothing, and my friend Sean McBride helped with the photography as I tried out my best pant poses. So, If you see some blueprint-style advertisements in Macy’s, that’s me wearing those pants!

The last two images were accidents – I forgot to switch layers off in Flash – but I kinda like how they look so I thought you might be interested.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Here’s the Valentine that I’m sending out this year (on the left) along with the rejected Valentine (on the right.)

Let’s get some half-price candy tomorrow.

Yearly Valentines 2005-2009

I make these every year. Don’t worry – I’ll remember to send one to you this year because I love you. (maybe I just don’t have your e-mail address.)

ASIFA-East – Award Certificate

ASIFA-East had been using the same design for their award certificate for almost 40 years, so I volunteered to produce some new certificates for their 40th anniversary. The red ink was printed on by letterpress using tiny bits of lead type and big wood block numerals. The yellow part was silkscreened onto the paper, and the black lines were printed on top with a photocopier.


Blue’s Room – Drawings

When I was working on Blue’s Room, some days I’d be doing nothing but coloring pictures for twelve hours a day. The set was dressed with new drawings for episode, so many drawings were needed. Some were tacked to the walls, and others were placed into polystyrene foams. I developed a fondness for “Stabilotones” in the process – they’re like super crayons!