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Superjail – Time Police

I did some character design for a change – the cave painting versions of the Superjail staff.


Superjail – Terrorarium

The jungle plants and giant bugs were plenty of fun to draw.


Superjail – Ladies Night

Spaceships! Also, the buildings in the far background that look a little like hamster habitats are fun to make up.


Superjail – Dream Machine

My favorite part about drawing backgrounds for this episode was hiding a drawing of my car with a portly bikini girl on the hood in the middle of the drug trip scene!


Superjail – Combaticus

The carvings on the temple walls of the Combaticus episode are some of the most fun drawings from my time working on Superjail.


Superjail – Superbar

I drew backgrounds for the pilot and first season of Superjail. I especially liked hiding junk on the walls of the bar for “Superbar.”


Superjail – Pilot Episode

My favorite part of working on the pilot for Superjail was when Christy took my suggestion that the dead monkey should have broken glass stuck in it after bouncing off a table-full of broken glass.