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2010 January

Sundance Channel – Mondays Interstitial Animation

Here’s the finished project for which I made all of those cardboard props! Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata helped take the pixellated photos of the props and costumes, and even helped out by wearing them. When I brought everything into After Effects, I had to scale Max and Ru horizontally to make them chubby enough for animation!

The rain was made by gluing construction paper raindrops to some string, and cycling through three different strands of drops (purple, light blue, and dark blue.

And here’s what those things look like when they’re moving:

Sesame Street Graphics

One of the things I make at Sesame Street is graphics for some of the packages and labels that appear on the show. (And sometimes a sign for the dressing room of a guest too.)

Title Cards for a Sesame Street Video

These drawings were made to look as if they were drawn by Elmo. But they weren’t!

Yearly Valentines 2005-2009

I make these every year. Don’t worry – I’ll remember to send one to you this year because I love you. (maybe I just don’t have your e-mail address.)

Sundance Channel – Mondays Interstitial – Props

I’m making an interstitial for the Sundance Channel. All of the spots are themed to days of the week, and I was chosen for “Monday.” I’ll be using these props and costume pieces to make a short segment where a grandfather clock character steals peoples’ timepieces. I made most of the items out of scraps of cardboard, matboard, and wire.

True Stories of Life With Monsters

I started drawing true stories for a new comic book. The first six will be published in the new Fakeheads Anthology (with greyscales!) You can learn more about the project over here:

If you left click on the images they load up kinda tiny, but if you right-click and “Save link as” you can download a totally legible larger image.