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2012 January

Hamish and Andy – Giant Baby Carriage

I made this giant baby carriage so that a grownup could fit inside. It uses heavyweight plywood, BMX wheels, and welded steel to support a big person. Katie Akana and Jessie Voris handled the fabric and upholstery, And Katie also served as test pilot for a race down the hallway of the woodshop.

This prop was used in an Australian show called “Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year.”

Rainbow Lamp – Brooklyn Childrens’ Museum

I designed this lamp for a weather-themed lighting scheme for a FIT project set in the Brooklyn Childrens’ Museum. The idea of the lighting scheme is that lighting would be used to show weather changes – projectors would show animated clouds, and lightning would be simulated with strobe lights, among other effects. After the thunder and lightning passed through the space, this rainbow lamp would light up as sunlight returned to the space. The rainbow effect is created by shining light through a spectrum-gradient printed transparency, which lights acrylic rods. The rods are cut to different lengths so that different colors appear as bands at different heights.


Ralph Lauren – Storyboards

Sometimes I’m called on to create classy drawings for Polo-Ralph Lauren. Here are some panels from two different storyboarding projects – one for a commercial, and the other for an instructional video about decorative painting.

Earthbound Farm – Trade Show Exhibit

Earthbound farm is a giant grower of organic foods, so for this FIT exhibit design project, I created a display with a giant display that is part farm tractor, part tractor trailer, and part shopping cart, to emphasize the connections between the farm, shipping, and the grocery store. The various displays also emphasize connections – between the grocers attending the conference and between the company and the grocers.

Rubin Museum of Art

I was part of a group of FIT students to redesign the lobby and second floor gallery at the Rubin Museum of Himalayan Art. One of the big challenges was that the Introduction to Himalayan Art exhibit on the second floor has two different entrances, each with two ways to start going through the exhibit. My plan was to create dividers to lead visitors through the content in the proper sequence.

Kikkerland Trade Show Counters

I fabricated these two counters for Kikkerland’s 2012 trade shows. They both have lightbox faces made out of acrylic covered with adhesive vinyl. The client wanted the acrylic to go all the way to the edge of the counter, so the plastic was applied before the laminate, and then the laminate was applied over the edge. One of the counters has a top design to hold a computer. I built these counters for Abunch LLC.