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Kikkerland Trade Show Counters

Posted: 25 January, 2012-Likes: 0-Comments: 0-Categories: Museum/Exhibit Design, Abunch LLC-Tags: Props, willkrause, Furniture

I fabricated these two counters for Kikkerland's 2012 trade shows. They both have lightbox faces made out of acrylic covered with adhesive vinyl. The client wanted the acrylic to go all the way to the edge of the counter, so the plastic was applied before the laminate, and then the laminate was applied over the [...]

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Candy Television

Posted: 28 March, 2011-Likes: 0-Comments: 0-Categories: Silent Library-Tags: Props, willkrause, candyland

At first I tried making this breakaway glass TV screen out of expensive plastic casting materials, but to keep things within our budget I switched to a sugar-glass recipe. I made a silicone rubber mold of the actual TV screen, so that the mold could be carefully flexed away from the screen without cracking. The [...]

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