Heilmaier Messedesign – Internship

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This summer I worked as an intern at the Exhibit Design firm Heilmaier Messedesign in Munich, Germany as the final step to complete my Exhibit Design degree at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

I wasn’t expecting my work to find its way into the hands of clients so quickly, but I found myself in the middle of a very busy time at Heilmaier – they were preparing for an agricultural trade show taking place alongside Oktoberfest – so deadlines were fast approaching. As soon as I finished some of my designs – whoosh! They were assembled into presentations and shown to the client. It felt nice to know that I was producing something that was useful to the company. I think that was my biggest surprise – realizing that FIT had taught me skills that were truly valuable!

After working individually on many of my projects at FIT, it was nice to be working as part of a team at Heilmaier – it gave me a chance to meet the designers and learn from them more about working in Exhibit Design.

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