The Heart, She Holler – Blood-n-Guts

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Exploding Pies

It seems like the second season at The Heart, She Holler involved lots of blood and guts. Gallons and gallons of blood and heaping armloads of guts.

I worked with Courtland Premo when we were tasked with making pies erupt with blood and guts, eventually settling on pressurized tanks that forced fake blood mixed with chunks of bananas and a bunch of other gross stuff through some thick vinyl tubing. Here’s a video of one of our tests:

Bleeding Diary

We also worked together to create a bleeding diary (a tube was hidden within the book’s binding and then pierced.) Here’s a video showing our test results:

Bucket of Guts

…and then we made lots of guts. Below is a photo of one bucketload. I used twine dyed blue or red to make veins and arteries, and then mixed in some kinda-coagulated gelatine:

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